Artist Feature: An Interview with Laura Atchinson

Check out this exciting interview I had with Breanna Lenio from Anthill Live in an artist feature. The introduction reads:

"Ant Hill is excited to introduce you to Laura Atchinson, an artist from Los Angeles, CA. Laura’s works have been showcased around LA and in galleries at the University of Arizona. She also created commission work featured in the music video “Hall of Fame,” by The Script and More recently, Laura has begun placing her love for nature on canvas. Many of Laura’s pieces below capture starry skies and Northern Lights beaming over snow-covered mountains (which will no doubt prompt you to plan your next camping trip). Her passion for the natural world swallows her viewers whole. You’ll find yourself lost in her landscapes and skies as if they were the real deal. Read how Laura immersed herself in the art world, her evolution of materials and color palettes, and more below."

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Laura Atchinson

Laura Atchinson is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California.

“My work is generally inspired by the world around us. In the past I did a lot of work focusing on cultural history and archaeology, but lately I have spent more time looking to nature. In addition to painting, I spend a lot of time outdoors.

My love for nature comes across in my most recent pieces. However, instead of turning to my more traditional art materials, such as watercolors and oils, I am currently using materials that are considered street art. In a way it is a blend of my cultural studies, the city in which I live, and my passion for being in nature.”